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I'm getting RE7 vibes!

Pàra um projeto de 3 meses, o jogo é sensacional! A temática de usar os espelhos para ver os inimigos e completar os puzzles é ótima. Uma pena ser tão curto, tomara que no futuro tenha mais.

Love the concept and what all could be done to build and expand on the idea, though the story leaves a lot of questions I'd love to see answered if it were built into a fuller story.

I really loved this mirror concept. It was messing with my brain but I loved every second of it. 

Mirrors are EVIL but they're FUN?? — Glint Game

I did not expect this to be as good as it was. A little laggy towards the end but overall was worth it!

Well done and fun game! It looked really good and sounded well too and the simple game mechanic of using the mirror as a puzzle was done well in interesting ways and the ghosts and books added to the game overall. Fun short game and great setting!


This was really interesting, well done devs!!

Video Link:

Прикольно,жаль что коротко

This is a good unqiue game! I have never played a game like this before and enjoyed every part of it.  Good work would love to see more!

While I have played games with similar mirror mechanics, Glint is the first to rely on it almost exclusively, and I like the unique angle it has because of that. Plot wise, it felt like I was going through the house just because, but at least I had fun doing it.

Good job, devs.

Thank you, we appreciate your comments :) 

Great game! Can’t wait to see full version!

Thank you !

This was so cool! I've never seen this type of mechanic and gameplay before! Absolutely loved it!! 

Thanks a lot ! You made me laugh with your reactions ^^

Welcome! Haha glad you enjoyed it!! 

Deleted 139 days ago

Thank you ! It was the hardest part to develop so I am glad you like it  ;)

Beautiful game. Hope to see more games from your guys. 

Thank you ^^ 


Great puzzle game love the premise, but don't know if it's my computer because the games a bit laggy for me and unresponsive which makes the game harder to play due to it's different perspectives. but all in all a great short game. will be waiting for the full game and hopping for more puzzles and challenges. Great job Guys!!

I am sorry you could not fully enjoy our game,  but thank you very much for playing !


This was really good. I love finding unique games like this, can't say I've played a game like this here on itchio! Great overall style, interesting mechanics, and provides a nice challenge. Great work!

Thank you for your kind words ! I am glad you enjoyed it ^^

que jogo incrível, mecânica perfeita jogabilinade muito boa, gráficos incríveis, nota 10


Muito obrigado !

I love how this game is made, but it scares me :(

Ohh we're sorry to hear that ! But I guess we reached our goal in a way... :)
Anyways, thanks a lot for trying our game & don't worry, once you understood the enemies' movements and patterns, they're not that scary anymore !

This is an epic game man I enjoyed it very much.

Thanks Swegie !

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This is absolutely fantasic for a student game. I loved the visuals, the puzzles, and gameplay. I really love the beautiful animated menu screen! I've seen the mirror mechanic used before but, the way you utilized for all the puzzles in the game was great.

I know somebody mentioned you could add on to sound/story more, which is true but, for a 3 month project, no complaints! The game starts at about 18:58 in my video, as it was part of my three random horror games playthrough~


Waw, thanks a lot for your kind words. we're glad you enjoyed our student game. 3 months is very short and it was our first "real" game we worked on. We had to make some hard choices but overall we're super glad with how the game turned out !


Loved it!! This game is absolutely beautiful!! Amazing graphics and unique gameplay!! Great work!!


Thank you Sabrina for playing our game & for the kind words :)

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great jobs

Thank you !

pretty interesting concept

I honestly enjoyed it a lot. something different and unique in its own way. congrats to the team.

Thanks a lot Sam !

The game is fine for the start. It does have a unique look to it, but, I think it need more work on storyline and overall sound design. 
It's good. 

Hello, thanks for the feedback !
It's absolutely true, as we only had a few months, we focused on gameplay & visuals. Sounds and story surely could be improved in a lot of ways :)

I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!

This game is truly beautiful. I want it to check every part of the areas just to see the details. And the puzzles are a lot of fun. Depending on the mirrors to know where to go next and avoiding the monsters is very clever. I liked the movements as it wasn't slow, it's a bit fast which can be good but gotta be careful to not fall down. This game is great and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Hope we get updates soon. Try it out it's good stuff!!

Hey thanks a lot for playing our game, we're glad you enjoyed it !
And we'll see for the updates ahah, we're currently nominees in the "Student" category of the "Belgium Game Awards". We'll see what happens next :)

Amazing game dev it was different and has good atmosphere and good mechanics 

Thanks a lot !

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the visuals were great, the puzzle mechanic was cool, although it was a little difficult but got there eventually, there is also a bit lack of sound effects in the game but over all I enjoyed it, good work :)

Hey Stella, we're glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the feedback !